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Fundraising Beyond Your Fears: A Redemptive Look At Nonprofit Development

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The nonprofit development world is not for the faint of heart. It can be overwhelming for an organization that is doing good work to stop and think through a fundraising strategy. Organizations are often flummoxed by the best way to communicate their mission to donors and potential donors. In a world where a "good cause" can be found almost anywhere it seems, what can a nonprofit organization do to develop a sound strategy based on a redemptive framework? How can you do your research while also honoring those who choose to give to your organization? How do you relationally build your fundraising strategy?  How does an organization's communications plan go hand-in-hand with the development side of the work? Where does a nonprofit even begin to create and work a thoughtful, redemptive plan?

Join Michael Homan, Director of Development for the Houston Methodist Hospital Foundation and Cynthia Stielow, Chief Development and Communications Officer for Kids Meals.  Both of these professionals have a wealth of knowledge in this area and come with a desire to see the flourishing of Houston through redemptive fundraising.

Meeting at the ION, located at 4201 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002


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