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Fall, 2023 (Full)

TrueWorks Teaches H-Town Fellows

• Redemptive Lab

• Ventures

"One of the greatest disconnects for this generation is how life and work fit together. There is a need to talk about purpose in life, vocation and calling. We need to provide a stronger theology of work to help them make integrated connections to their daily lives." - David Kinnaman, Barna Group

H-Town Fellows helps build theology of work, and gives people the tools to integrate their faith and work. We invite you to join us and others on the journey to learning, exploring and integrating! Our Fall 2023 courses are full, but we'll be offering the course next Fall (2024) and would love to put you on our list!


Other Events

Trueworks Day

October 20, 2023

1 - 9 PM

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Houston Redemptive Lab Designed by Praxis

October 27-28, 2023

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