TrueWorks Day October 20 at the ION

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Why TrueWorks?

At TrueWorks, we know what it’s like to work in a secular world that feels disconnected from the sacred. Motivated by our Christian faith, we believe that work is essential to human flourishing and vital to human dignity. Our mission is simple, yet profound: we help entrepreneurs and business leaders reimagine their role in God’s redemptive story so they can re-enchant and impact the world for good. We offer teaching, coaching and a thriving community in Houston to support your journey towards meaningful integration of faith and work, both on an individual and organizational level. We are ecumenical practitioners who support the Common Good, which is powered by collaboration, teamwork and meaningful relationships. We are the connective tissue of the faith-driven entrepreneurial ecosystem.

As we have walked with hundreds of people through programs designed to help them discern how faith integrates with their work, we noticed something.

There was a real sense of disillusionment with many of the people that we taught about faith and work. They were disillusioned with life, disillusioned with work. But in actual fact, it was something deeper than that.

It came down to complete disenchantment with the world—that there was something missing and there was no one there to offer a solution.

"What if we could re-enchant the world?"

"For the good of the city" is our heart.
We desire to see a re-enchanted workforce finding purpose in the city we all love.

TrueWorks is an independent 501(c)(3) dedicated to Houston's flourishing.