TrueWorks Day October 20 at the ION

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Our Driving Beliefs

TrueWorks believes in living our lives holistically and intentionally, where our faith and work are seamless, where there are no formulas, but instead the forming of a worldview that changes how we see our work and interact with others. We recognize that well-formed people create well-formed ventures. We believe that when people work towards the Common Good, our city will flourish.

As we have walked with hundreds of people through programs designed to help them discern how faith integrates with their work, we noticed something.

There was a real sense of disillusionment with many of the people that we taught about faith and work. They were disillusioned with life, disillusioned with work. But in actual fact, it was something deeper than that.

It came down to complete disenchantment with the world—that there was something missing and there was no one there to offer a solution.

So, we began to ask ourselves this question:

"What if we could re-enchant the world?"

"For the good of the city" is our heart.
We desire to see a re-enchanted workforce finding purpose in the city we all love.

TrueWorks is an independent 501(c)(3) dedicated to Houston's flourishing.