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Finding Purpose in the City That We Love

Well formed people. Well formed ventures.

What if We Could Reenchant the World?

Re-enchanting our world is the inspiration that began our journey at TrueWorks.  Amongst all ages of professionals - young and old - there is a rising frustration with work.  People are longing for meaning and purpose in their work. The disenchanted are everywhere.  But what if we could reframe work, give a deeper perspective and connect it to how God wants the world to be?

Entrepreneurs, business leaders and workers who are motivated by their faith want to live for more than the daily grind. They often feel isolated and empty without a deep sense of purpose. Through teaching, coaching, and community, TrueWorks helps these visionaries reimagine their role in God’s redemptive story so they can re-enchant and impact the world for good.

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Redemptive Business Lab for Professional Services


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Redemptive Lab Quarterly Meetup


8:00 - 9:30am

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TrueWorks Teaches H-Town Fellows

September 2024

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The Empowered Board


1:00 - 4:00 pm

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We're training, coaching and teaching the workforce of Houston for the Common Good, while also consulting and connecting the amazing ventures in our city that are changing things for Good.

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