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It’s all about the hours, … right?   Or maybe there is an alternative.  TrueWorks believes work can be about something greater than staff utilization or realization.  When we speak to our colleagues who are lawyers, doctors, consultants, or other professionals, they share with us the challenge of motivating a rising, credentialed workforce while at the same time often dealing with a burned-out and exhausted leadership.  No joke, it’s tough out there.

Not every professional work situation is like this, but many are.  So, how can we break this cycle?  At TrueWorks, we believe that work and work systems can be redeemed and made new.  We think the Christian faith we lean on can change the way work is perceived and inspire us to change the systems in which we work.  We believe the Christian faith can inform our work and shape the way we inspire and lead the next generation of workers.

All this good news starts first with the Redemptive Lab, a time when professional services leaders can look at their work with fresh eyes and prepare themselves for the challenges ahead.  Join other professionals and a team of seasoned business leaders to form a new vision for leadership and mission for work.

Participation for this event is $3,000 per person. This includes access the event and sessions and two nights at the Four Seasons, Houston.


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